VETERINARY MEDICINE in Nigeria is a 6-year course + 1 year Nysc. I personally feel there should be provision for internship and so do other Vet surgeons and students but there is currently no provision for that.  In universities abroad, any student that will be admitted to study veterinary medicine is required to have completed …

The Ant and the Cicada

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Imagine, if you will, a field in Boring, Oregano. It’s a blisteringly hot summer’s day – the kind that makes bark peel off trees to find shelter from the sun’s calamitous gaze.

Cicada is lazing about wearing his customary bling. He’s chomping down on stogies while flipping through the latest copy of Big Buzzo Jumblies. This is what you do when you’re young, dumb and full of hum.

Ant, meanwhile, is nearby, huffing and puffing with a heavy trolley load of corn ears and woodworking equipment. She’s taking these essentials back to her place. She’s got a big project in mind…

“Wassup playa!” says Cicada. “Haul ovah‘n rap wit’ me ‘steada toilin’ moilin’ tha whole dam’ day!”

“I beg your pardon?” says Ant.

“Holla at’cha, yo!” says Cicada. “Hang wit’ me ho, ‘steada slayin’ biz wit’ da wheel whizz!”

“I have no idea what you’re saying,” says Ant. “You…

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GUEST POST // We, made of paper by Candice Daquin — unbolt

We Made of paper Write our words In careful ink Watching how Underside Bleeds *** We Made of Fog Obscure our Walk forward In obstacle And loss *** We Made of Wrung hands Gather yet dry Clothes on line Before rain Unbidden Falls in noiseless Sheets Turning lawn Vivid green *** We Made of Incomplete […] …

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